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Cybersecurity and Online Bridge

Cybersecurity is often something that people think about first when we’re talking about online slots and casinos, but not too often something that’s mentioned when people are talking about the game of online contract bridge – which is played by thousands of people worldwide every single day.

Everyone wants their online bridge game to be safe, and I spoke to Boris – the Chief Technology Offer of Funbridge – about just what they’re doing from their end to make sure games are secure.

Our players’ data security is an important issue to us, especially since our users like playing bridge on computers, smartphones and tablets.” he says. “We try to protect their data in different ways. First, by always using secure connections between mobile apps and Funbridge servers; second, by complying with the recent EU GDPR,”

Finally, he notes that they use only technologies that have been tested and validated by the world community of developers while still focusing on providing the best bridge experience. He says that their infrastructure is “designed to be as impenetrable as possible” with real-time backups of all information to avoid any issues.

Should users be doing more to prevent cyberattacks and viruses themselves? “When users play Funbridge, they are in a secured environment and should only focus on the best bid to make or card to play.” he says with confidence.

As far as users protecting their own devices go, Boris says that it’s widely agreed that an antivirus is a great idea on a PC – but this doesn’t always ring true when you’re using a tablet or smartphone. “It’s more about being caution when installing any extra antiviruses as they could do more harm than good.”

From our point of view, Android and iOS systems, respectively developed by Google and Apple (which are not small IT players, to say the least), are made to be secure by definition.”

He says in particular, Apple has shown great commitment to the protection and encryption of data.

If, for any reason, your device runs slowly when using Funbridge, he recommends this: “Common sense says that they should just pay attention to the storage space available on their device, and should not hesitate to uninstall apps that they no longer use as this is a possible reason why their device runs slowly.”

For the future, Boris says that their teams are working on optimising Funbridge apps even further so that no powerful configuration is needed, and as many users as possible can enjoy their services.

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