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Bridge Beyond the Bridge2Success Fest

• More information about Bridge2Success can be found at their official website.

• Read more about the bridge scene in Poland at Great Bridge Links.

It’s the International Bridge Fest in Warsaw, Poland today. It’s a great opportunity to play bridge, introduce new people to bridge and network – and it’s it also continues far beyond only this year’s festival. 
The larger Bridge2Success initiative is there throughout the whole year, and members are encouraged to promote bridge wherever they find themselves. 
Here’s a little more about what the Bridge2Success program aims to achieve – and areas where bridge can be applied.
Bridge in the Arts
There are many artists, musicians and other creatives part of Bridge2Success, and this can certainly give bridge a boost through the arts. Whether you’re a writer of bridge fiction or a TV show producer adding a bridge-line somewhere in an episode as a nod to the game, it’s an important way to see more exposure for the game.
Bridge in Business
Bridge is played by some of the most successful people in the world – and for good reason. There’s no doubt that bridge strategy was a big help when it came to putting together their business strategies, and success in bridge can mean success in many other areas of business – including negotiating skills.
Bridge in Computer Science & AI
Bridge can serve as a great way to introduce people (and kids) to computer science, programming and Artificial Intelligence. We know that an AI can play chess, but it’s still in the process of learning how to bid – and that’s the fun part for programmers.
Bridge in Research
Bridge can be used to teach certain skills in a classroom setting, but bridge itself can also be made the topic of serious academic studies from there, and it can tell us a lot more about the demographic of players. The Sociology of Bridge study is only one example of this.
Bridge in Therapy
We know that bridge can be highly beneficial to those living with Alzheimer’s disease (or those at risk of developing symptoms), but bridge can also be hugely useful in a therapeutic setting. Playing a game of bridge allows a therapist or carer to spot vital signs and symptoms, and might even be able to conduct a full therapy session, without the patient feeling any pressure to talk about it.
Bridge in Rehabilitation
In many countries, street gambling is common – and often times a huge problem for both the younger population and adults who find themselves living on the street. Bridge can be useful as an activity to teach essential life skills, occupy time, raise funds and literally help to keep people off the street.
Bridge for Community Outreach
Bridge can do a lot for community outreach, and it’s already being applied to great effect to benefit plenty of causes all over the world – including for more research into Alzheimer’s. 
Bridge for Being Social
Bridge allows for being more social: If you’re looking for something to do, get yourself to a bridge game. If you’re more of an introvert, then head over to platforms like BBO and Funbridge.

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